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In The News: Cord Clamping

Posted on July 12, 2013 at 9:03 AM
Today's post is short...I know...we "just did" this topic last week.  The reason I am bringing it to your attention again is because there was a news splash in regards to cord clamping yesterday.

The Cochrane Library released a review that came to the conclusion that (emphasis mine),  "Although early cord clamping has been thought to reduce the risk of bleeding after birth (postpartum haemorrhage), this review of 15 randomised trials involving a total of 3911 women and infant pairs showed no significant difference in postpartum haemorrhage rates when early and late cord clamping (generally between one and three minutes) were compared. There were, however, some potentially important advantages of delayed cord clamping in healthy term infants, such as higher birthweight, early haemoglobin concentration, and increased iron reserves up to six months after birth. These need to be balanced against a small additional risk of jaundice in newborns that requires phototherapy."
You can read the complete report HERE.  It definitely merits a good look and a discussion with your care provider if you believe that delayed cord clamping is something you want to do with your baby.  I offer THIS article from the New York Times to read more about the concerns that OB/GYNS have traditionally had in regards to delaying cord clamping.  It may help you have a more productive conversation with your care provider if you have an idea of what their protocols are and why.

I think it's important to note that the benefits were to "healthy term infants".  Please read the report with with a grain of salt and understand that different decisions may need to be made when a mother or baby is at risk.  Please don't beat yourself up if you have/had to make a different choice; sometimes simply because you did not have all the information at hand to discuss with your care provider.

Want to learn more about cord clamping and do your own research?  You can read Cassandra's post titled, "Info Sheet: Cord Clamping" HERE.

Wishing you and your littles a great weekend!  

Does this information sway your decision one way or another?  What do you think?
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