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In Their Own Words: Dana

Posted on August 16, 2013 at 7:58 AM
This is part of a "In Their Own Words" series in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month 2013.  Here at Sweet Pea Births we celebrate and honor all breastfeeding relationships, and want to share these stories with you to empower and inspire you that no matter what the journey, with help, support, and persistence, most mothers can achieve the breastfeeding relationship they want with their nurslings.  If you would like to submit your story, please email me at krystyna{at}sweetpeabirths{dot}com.  

Sweet Pea Births understands that not all mothers can or want to breastfeed.  These stories are shared for learning purposes, not to judge the choices we make when we feed our children.

Dana's Story
Before having children, I never imagined myself nursing, let alone nursing for as long as I did.  The first few weeks after having my firstborn, Evan, were ridiculously difficult.  I was told he was tongue-tied and would have to be cut in order for him to latch properly.  It was absolutely miserable for me, not to mention painful.  Even the lactation consultant guffawed, saying that most women as sore as I was would have stopped nursing.  All of the material I read through, though, claimed that nursing was best.

I was a stay-at-home mom, formula is expensive as it is, and on one income the cost was prohibitive.  The savings we enjoyed by nursing was motivation enough for me to continue.  I persevered with the help and support of the warm line (confidential phone-in support) at the hospital I gave birth at, the lactation consultant, and my “then” husband (we divorced after our daughter was born).

Evan and I enjoyed a nursing relationship until he weaned at 16 months.  I didn't really want to stop nursing at that point, but we were down to just once a day, and he woke up one morning and refused to nurse.  He is feisty like that to this very day, so in hindsight I can understand.
Thankfully, when I gave birth to my daughter, two and a half years after my son, things went much smoother.  She took to the nipple like a champ - she's a girl that knows what she wants and how to get it!  

Although many of my family members thought I was off my rocker for nursing "so long," we nursed for 22 months.  The only reason for our cessation was that she would manipulate her bedtime routine.  She would tell me, “Mama, no nursies.”  I'd put her to bed, and 10 minutes later, she'd be screaming to nurse.  It took about three days of this behavior before I realized what she was doing.  She was putting off going to sleep for as long as she could "get away with."  Once it became a game like that, I guessed she was done.  We probably would have continued otherwise.  

Both of my kids never “appreciated” being covered, and thankfully, I lived in a community that celebrated and applauded nursing.  I was never embarrassed because in my mind this is how babies should be fed.  I've always been very supportive of others nursing as well, and I look forward to sharing my stories with those that need encouragement and inspiration.  

Nursing is such a wonderful and beautiful experience, and I am so happy that I shared that with my children.  I am content knowing that they were well nourished and well cared for.

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