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Top 5 Breastfeeding Products

Posted on August 19, 2014 at 2:15 PM
I really enjoyed making these videos with Talisha from Modern Mommy Boutique last year.  Since it is Breastfeeding Awareness Month 2014, here is a look at her recommendation for the Top 5 products you need as a new nursing mama.  

If you are in or near Chandler, Arizona, you can pick these up at her store in front of the Chandler Fashion Mall.  If you are out of state, she ships or you can of course, choose your favorite on-line retailer.  

Scroll down to see my 2014 update on food-safe nipple cream.  Enjoy!

For today's video, I asked her to highlight her Top 5 picks for breastfeeding, and we ended up with a bonus in there.  It's a quick video (under 5 minutes)...also did a little picture gallery. 


 : Talisha talked about in the different shapes of nursing pillows. This close-up shows the difference between a U-shaped pillow, and a L-shaped pillow like a Bosom Baby.that Talisha highlights.
Talisha talked about in the different shapes of nursing pillows. This close-up shows the difference between a U-shaped pillow, and a L-shaped pillow like a Bosom Baby.that Talisha highlights.
A note on food-safe nipple cream:  
One of our students is studying to be an aesthetician. She heard a presentation on lanolin.  Besides being marketed as a breast nipple cream, it is also a common ingredient in beauty products.  She learned in the lecture that depending on how the sheep is fed, the lanolin may have carcinogens in it *because* the grass that is fed to the sheep is not guaranteed to be free of pesticides and carcinogens.  And the chemicals that cannot be digested by the sheep is stored in the fat.  A little more on lanolin from PBS:

Lanolin Lanolin is the smelly pale-yellow natural oil found on sheep's wool. As a waste product in wool processing, it's also known as wool oil, wool wax, wool fat, or wool grease. It's a natural water repellant — the function of which, as it's not too hard to guess, is to waterproof the sheep. Lanolin also has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that protect the sheep's skin from infection. Derived from the animal's oil glands, lanolin is a mixture of wool fat and 25-30% water. Wool fat is a mixture of many different chemical compounds, including cholesterol and the esters derived from 'fatty' acids containing 18 to 26 carbon atoms.

And this excerpt from an article in FORBES:

Lanolin is the oily secretion found in sheep wool...Those sheep are also very likely to have been dipped in insecticides on the farm. These pesticides can accumulate in fat tissue, which researchers worry could affect the breast milk of new mothers.

So between the carcinogen in the fats and the pesticides in the wool, research your lanolin-based nipple creams before you buy!  Or just go with something else, like the Motherlove cream that Talisha has on her Top 5 list.

What would be on your Top 5 List?
Please leave us a comment - it will be moderated and posted. 

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