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Winterize Your Body

Posted on November 8, 2013 at 8:27 AM
The Winter months are upon us in the Northern Hemisphere...and not every pregnant or breastfeeding mama wants to get a flu shot.  Whether or not the flu shot is for you, here are some practical immunity-boosting tips from our favorite chiropractor that don't involve shots, sprays or otherwise:
It is that time of year...getting ready for winter. We prepare the pool for winter, the car, the furnace, even our grass changes. We prepare the cabin and the toilets up north for winter. Doesn't it make sense to prepare our bodies for winter?
As the weather switches from warm to cold, nature goes through a preparation for the change. At this same time our bodies also have to go through a physiological change. Through the summer our bodies did not have to spend much energy on making or storing body heat. Now, it has to spend more energy on the making of body heat to keep all the systems at the correct temperature.
It's important to understand that our bodies are a "closed system" in terms of energy. What this means is that our body only has so much energy available internally to do all of the functions of the body. If the body needs more energy in one area it has to take that energy from another area. For example, when you get sick you often feel tired. This is because the body moves energy to the immune system, and away from other less important functions which are then shut down or minimized. Eat a large meal and watch your energy level the body takes energy to digest the meal, the available energy for other functions drops.
So it is this time of year for our bodies. As the hypothalamus in the brain changes the body's physiology for body heat maintenance, other areas have less energy available to do their jobs. This is one of the reasons behind the cold and flu season. When the immune system has less energy available you are more vulnerable to virus and bacteria. It's not that there are more virus and bacteria necessarily, because they are around us all the time. It's when the body is unable to fight the germs that we manifest as sick. This is truly the main factor for illness. It's why when three people are exposed to the same virus, bacteria, etc., one gets sicker than a dog, one is a bit sick and one has no apparent symptoms. The internal environment of the body to fight has a major factor to whether your exposure to a pathogen turns into an illness.
So, what do you do? (For those of you with children, this also applies to them as well!)

The most important factor is maximizing your body's internal forces. There are many ways to do this. Here are four:
1.     Slow life down. We keep the same hectic rate in life, non-stop. When you are at full potential the body will try to adapt to the pace. But throw another stressor into the mix and watch the body get down and possibly sick. At this time of year, if you don't have to - DON'T. Another shopping trip? NO. Another late night when you don't have to - DON'T. Spend some family time away from the TV. Read a relaxing book. Listen to some relaxing music. Take a walk.
2.     Watch the foods you eat. With less fruits and vegetables available in the winter it is very important to make good choices. Your food is the raw power for all functions. Put high quality food in for high quality performance. Do you have to eat on the run? Try the salad instead of the burger (with vinaigrette, not the blue cheese). Drink water instead of soda or coffee. Put down the candy bar and have an apple instead. Processed foods as well as sugars are hard on the body. Eat less of them. It is that simple. We should eat 7-14 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. If you can't (or won't), I suggest JuicePlus every day. (Order at or in the office).
3.     Take some vitamins. Extra vitamin C daily is great. A few thousand milligrams a day as an adult is fine. If you get loose bowels back off a bit. (It is water soluble so any extra will go out with the urine.) If you are sick, Echinacea helps to boost the immune system. There is a great liquid for kids with the brand name "Herbs for Kids". Read the label for amounts. "Kyolic" brand garlic is great. It is often called nature's penicillin. Double your JuicePlus if getting sick. Also, take the much overlooked essential fatty acid supplement, Omega 3 fatty acids (The good fats). Vitamin D3 is also important in the winter (we have D-Dots at the office). Investigate other immune system boosters.
4.    SLEEP. Most Americans are sleep deprived. We are too busy to slow down and sleep. Sleep is the time that the body recuperates and repairs from the damages of the day. If we don't slow down and sleep we never let the body get caught up. Is it any wonder we keep getting sicker instead of healthier? Run a humidifier at night to increase moisture and help keep mucous membranes moist.
Take a few precautions and get proactive and you will be amazed that you don't have to be a victim of the "cold and flu season". Let's stay healthy together and make a healthier community and a healthier world!
About the Author:  Dr. Kevin Ross is a Tempe chiropractor with a family and pediatric wellness practice. He has completed over 160 hours of pediatric chiropractic continuing education, and is trained in the KST Technique. Any questions on natural health and additional ways to build the internal power of the body can be answered at (480) 730-7950.

What do you do to boost immunity during the winter months? 
Please leave us a comment - it will be moderated and posted. 

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