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Inside Look: Postpartum Planning

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 4:33 PM
Postpartum Pads
Postpartum Pads
A set includes 1 shell and 3 liners
Mama Cloth
Mama Cloth
Available in three sizes to accommodate mama and flow
Kitchen size and Bathroom size
Shannon's Cloth and More
Shannon's Cloth and More
Visit the website to see patterns or do a custom order. You can also bundle and save with her home and bathroom makeover sets.
We had a great time hosting Shannon  Gusé from Shannon's Cloth & More on Saturday. She shared some of her amazing products that are available when you are ready to green your kitchen, your nursery, and your personal care products.

New to her store are Postpartum Pads.  These are fabulous for mamas who want a little "vag cush" in the postpartum period after labor.  

  • Absolutely genius: there is an ice-pack holder designed into the pad.
  • Shannon's best advice: fill sealable baggies with Dawn dish soap.  They will get super cold without freezing into a hard shape so that you can get cool relief without the bulkiness or extra pressure on the perineum.

HERE is her tour of the postpartum pads on YouTube.  I wish something like this had been around when we were birthing Sweet Peas!!

Reasons why you might consider greening personal care items:

  1. Cut down on waste going into the landfill; think on this: some household waste contains raw sewage that can seep into the water table!
  2. Cut down on raw materials that are used to manufacture disposable products
  3. Reduce chemical exposure from dioxin and bleaching agents+
  4. The prints are much cuter than plain white paper goods
  5. Money saving - instead of buying things you are going to throw away, cloth items last through *many* wash cycles and can be repurposed.

We made the switch to reusable wipes over the summer after I read the ingredients in pretty much *all* the top name brands of wipes, even the ones that claim to be "natural". HERE is a good laugh about that marketing tactic!  I literally cannot bring myself to buy disposable wipes unless we are in dire straights and we really can't wash while we are on the road.  We are now six months in to using the cloth wipes - they still look great, stay soft, and our clean stash works to wipe bottoms, noses, and anything else that needs wiping and washing.

After seeing how easy it was to make that transition, we made the switch to "unpaper" towels.  This family of six that used to go through a bulk store pack in about six weeks had the same package last for 4+ months.  The only reason we finished the pack is because our washing machine broke down and wasn't repaired for six weeks...long story...after a few 15+ load trips to the laundromat something had to give.  Anyway, happy that our machine is fixed and we are now fully back to our reusable habits.  

We are now venturing to try the mama cloth - the more I know about the chemicals in personal care products, the less willing I am to expose our daughters to them, especially as they enter their reproductive years.

What do you think...

Have you thought about making the switch to reusable items in your home?  Did you make the switch?  Tell us about it!
Please leave us your comment - it will be moderated and posted :)

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Reply Kate
10:06 PM on February 28, 2014 
Yes indeed!!! I have unpaper towels and LOVE THEM!!! I will be switching to cloth wipes ASAP, already have cloth pads in my thoughts/plans (I'm prego, so haven't been in a hurry but do plan to make my own postpartum pads and normal pads soon!), and currently detoxing my whole house. Making all my own cleaners, body products, and makeup as soon as all my supplies arrive and adding high quality essential oils to give them added benefits! =D Love being healthier!!!