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Wordless Wednesday: Feelin' Green

Posted on March 12, 2014 at 10:54 PM
One of the principles we teach in our Bradley Method® classes is to avoid harmful substances.  Whether you are TTC of already pregnant, it is important to think about your environment and reduce your exposure to chemicals, preservatives and toxins to the best of your ability.

Here are some of the ways our family and our students have made small changes that are making our homes and nurseries non-toxic for our pregnancies and our families.  Scroll down to the end of the post for descriptions and links if you want more information about the pictures below:

1. Pregnancy pampering with "safe" nail polish

2. Locally-sourced organic, preservative-free face soap and shaving soap

 3. Unpaper towels and laundry soap nuts

4. DIY Cleaners and Personal Care

5. Fast food doesn't have to be junk food! 

6. Grow your own pesticide-free food

7. If you can't grow it, source local organic at your farmer's market

8. Once Sweet Pea arrives, treat them to chemical- + bleach-free products

9. Here's a Sweet Pea wearing his sun-dried cloth diapers along with his chemical-free diaper station and baby soap.

Read more about greening after the Birth-Day on our sister blog, Sweet Pea Families.

How have you greened your home, school or workplace?  What was your motivation to make a change?
Please leave us a comment - it will be moderated and posted. 

1. Read about the nail polishes we use HERE

2. You can learn more about Zoaps HERE - we use her green tea face zoap and the shaving zoap - bonus: they're vegan!

3. Kate S. says: "Fabric paper towels (purchased through a co-op from a WAHM, but will be making my own from now on!!) and my soap nuts that I use for laundry. Forgot to include my wool dryer balls in the picture."

4. Kate S. says: "DIY dish soap, All purpose orange cleaner, glass cleaner, vinegar (which cleans stainless steel!), foaming handsoap (and DIY dispenser), bath salts, deodorant, vicks-like chest rub, toothpaste, tooth powder, powder foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, and eyeliner. Everything is in glass except the mascara, blush, foundation, and bronzer. Those are in the containers my old makeup was in."  She's making the journey to a non-toxic, natural household including the beauty of oils (essential oils!)

5.  Read Chipotle's commitment to local, organic, non-GMO sources HERE.

6.  Read more about our Tower Garden and the other foods we grow HERE.

7.  Find your local farmer's markets HERE.

8.  Find out about how we greened our nursery HERE: we use cloth wipes with a non-toxic cleaning spray, and organic cotton wraps from Imse Vimse with Chinese pre-folds.

9.  Here's an SPB Sweet Pea with wearing his cloth diapers; drying in ths sun saves energy, deodorizes, and uses UV rays to sanitize them.  Mama is using cloth wipes from Shannon's Cloth and More, and she is making her own bum spray.  Dr. Bronner's is another great green choice for the nursery and the whole family.

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