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Q&A with SPB: Postpartum Care Kit

Posted on January 9, 2017 at 10:00 PM

I am so excited to feature Michelle Ludwig on the blog today!  She is a birth doula and placenta encapsulation specialist in the phoenix metro area.   In today’s vlog, Michelle is sharing some ideas for postpartum self-care to help make the early days of healing and breastfeeding a little smoother – every tip helps!  



 Here is a recap for you:   

1+2) Witch hazel and some chlorine-free, bleach-free pads. You can use these to make “padsicles”, a cold compress that can be placed on top of the giant postpartum pads you will get from the hospital, or your birth kit if you are birthing at a birth center or at home.  Stay tuned when we do our diy share next week :)

3) Red raspberry leaf tea – red raspberry is used as a uterine tonic and has long been known to promote good uterine function.  It will help the uterus continue to contract as it heals and returns to it’s pre-pregnancy size.   
4) Herbal soak – this is a special blend of herbs to promote healing. You can steep these and use them in the peri-bottle to rinse after using the restroom. Another option is to use them in the a sitz-bath container or the bathtub. As Michelle mentions in the VLOG, these herbal baths are an internet sensation now – many mamas are using them as a setting for their pregnancy or postpartum photo shoots.   

5) Nipple cream – Michelle mixes up her own brand of wonderful using ingredients that are safe for baby. You can apply and feed without having to wipe of your breast first. A good nipple cream is an incredible relief to sore or chapped nipples as you and your baby have your postpartum learning curve. Even if you have breastfed before, there is a learning curve with each baby. And if you haven’t been nursing through the pregnancy, your nipples will have to acclimate to being used again. Even with a nursling through pregnancy, they typically don’t feed with the same frequency as a newborn, so a little soothing is a welcome relief.   

You can order Michelle’s specially made with love package whether or not you are her client. Please check HERE for more details.   

Would you like to interview Michelle as a doula? Please read her meet the doula feature HERE  

Contact Michelle: 
WEB  http://www.modernmamadoula.com/
CELL OR TEXT 7204098977 
EMAIL [email protected]    

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