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Posted on June 18, 2013 at 9:11 AM
As an instructor, I am often asked, "What would you do?"  As much as I would love to help  out by offering an anecdote or an opinion, I cannot do that.  The choice I would make might not be the right one for your family.  So instead, I find myself compiling links to additional reading and sending them off.  Cassandra often finds herself in the same situation.  We keep going back and recreating this information as it is requested, which can be time-consuming.  As our children's demands change, the project may get delayed, and we don't like to keep people waiting! 

My solution is to start a library of Information Sheets about procedures and options that are offered in pregnancy, labor and to your baby as part of their postpartum newborn care.  She and I have compiled a list of topics that we want to present and we will each be researching and posting one per month.  Instead of having to go back and find all the links we like on a particular topic, we will be directing people to the Information Sheet on the blog.

My goal is to present the information in an un-biased way as possible.  So here is our approach:

*Definition of the procedure/test

*History: Why was it developed?  What was it supposed to treat?  Has it been effective: as in, has the incidence decreased or has a problem been solved as a result of the intervention/procedure/test?

*Links to pros and cons from sources that we know are reliable, not purely opinion or anecdotes.

*Links with other options to explore if they want to decline the test/procedure/intervention from reliable sources

We hope you will find these helpful.  If there are any topics that you are wondering about and have at the top of your list, please leave a comment and we will address those first.

In the spirit of providing a basic understanding along with information for you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions, here are our Information Sheets.  The list of links will grow over time - keep checking back for more links, or click on the Info Sheet topic link on the left column for additional topics as they are added.

Caffeine & Alcohol - added 09/05/14
Group B Strep Test - added 7/26/2013
Perineal Massage - added 2/7/14

Amniotomy (AROM) - added 2/06/15
Epsiotomy - added 06/19/2013
Forceps & Vacuum - added 11/19/13
Gowning - added 01/31/14
NPO: Non Per Os - added 09/24/2013
Stripping Membranes - added 04/18/14
Water Birth - added 01/02/15

Cord Clamping - added 07/05/2013
Diaper Wipes - added 05/30/14
Eye Ointment - added 07/23/2013
Hepatitis B Vaccine - added 01/24/14
Male Circumcision - added 11/26/13
Vitamin K Shot - added 10/04/2013

Bradley Method® natural childbirth classes offered in Arizona: Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, PaysonThe material included on this site is for informational purposes only.  It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The reader should always consult her or his healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for their own situation.  Krystyna and Bruss Bowman and Bowman House, LLC accept no liability for the content of this site, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.
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