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Inside Look: Poncho Baby

Posted on August 5, 2014 at 6:37 PM
We have a couple of features from the ClubMomMe Spring Fest (still – there were so many amazing vendors and we still have more to share!) that we have been saving for World Breastfeeding Week.  The two companies we are featuring this week were both founded from a desire to support the breastfeeding MotherBaby.

Today’s Inside Look is with Poncho Baby™.  I fell in love with the colors first – muted natural tones are always a win for me.  In addition, the line is organic, made in the USA, and multi-functional: one piece in your diaper bag can serve as a nursing cover, blanket, stroller cover and a car seat canopy.  We all know how precious space is when you are a MotherBaby on the go!  This leaves plenty of room for all the other things you want to bring with you.
Since it doesn’t have a pattern, it doesn’t distract your baby and it goes with anything you are wearing.  A couple of other features that are not mentioned in our interview with Poncho Baby™ founder Carolina Toro-Gerstein (“CG”) is that the nursing cover has two pockets for breast pads, and it also has an adjustable neckline that makes it fully customizable and enables you to have a great fit.
The reason this cover appealed to me is because you can tell I have had a baby after I deliver…my pregnancy body doesn’t go away as easily as other people I know.  I have a love/hate relationship with my squishy middle…and this cover nicely allows full coverage without screaming “I’m breastfeeding here!”
Another great benefit to this cover is that it can be a great tool for a breastfeeding mama that is working outside of the home.  The full coverage allows you to pump at work or in the car discreetly.  It’s the ultimate accessory for multi-tasking mamas.

Please enjoy our virtual interview with Carolina Toro-Gerstein, CEO and Founder of Poncho Baby, Inc (pictured above wearing the blue-green poncho).  At the end of the interview you will find a link to the website and contact information.
About Poncho Baby™:
Poncho Babyfounder, Carolina Toro-Gerstein (CG), is dedicated to designing products that are stylish, multifunctional, compact and eco-friendly.  Award winning Poncho Baby Products are manufactured in the USA with premium imported muslin cotton fabric. Poncho Baby Nursing Cover has a patent pending design that allows the mother to see the baby while feeding and has back coverage. The Reversible Bandana Bib and other products are super cute, super functional and super stylish beside being eco-friendly – and all are must have’s for today’s modern mommies who are choosing to shop smart when they buy for their baby and their family.
SPB: What motivated you to start Poncho Baby?
CG: My girls were the motivation to launch Poncho Baby. After having them, I was inspired to create high quality products that were stylish, multifunctional, compact and eco-friendly.
SPB: Where did you draw your inspiration for the design of your nursing cover?
CG: When I was feeding my first daughter and we are always on the go, it was definitely challenging to feed her outside. I could not find a product that blended these wonderful benefits: the back coverage, ability to see the baby and being made of a neutral, breathable material. Since I believe Moms and children should feel comfortable when they are on the go, I decided to launch Poncho Baby. 
The available poncho style nursing covers did not allow the mom to see the baby and the apron style ones did not provide back coverage. My girls used to get very hot under the nursing covers since the fabrics were not breathable. I also wanted to avoid distraction and be more discreet while feeding -- especially when they were older than three months. My daughter used to get distracted by the busy fabric patterns acting like a mobile over them. I wanted to create innovative products that are stylish, multifunctional, compact and eco-friendly. The Poncho Baby Nursing Cover is made with solid and neutral colors to go with any outfit and to provide a soothing environment for the baby. The products are made in the USA and the packaging is recyclable, since I also believe that we need to take care of the environment and provide opportunities for women in the US.
SPB: How do you select the fabrics you use in your product line?
CG: I always loved the 100% muslin cotton fabric since it was very soft and is breathable fabric. As a mom of two, I understand that moms need a breathable material while they breastfeed their babies.
SPB: What sets your nursing cover apart from other offerings on the market?
CG: How Poncho Baby™ compares to other nursing covers in the market:

  • More privacy while viewing the baby: Provides front and back coverage. The mom does not get exposed in the back while feeding the baby. More than double the fabric.  Poncho Baby® Cover is an original patent-pending design since it is the only nursing cover that allows the mom to see the baby while breastfeeding. 
  • Multifunctional: mom buys four products in one – nursing cover, stroller cover, blanket and car seat canopy
  • Very soft and breathable fabric: only nursing cover made with 100% muslin fabric
  • Responsible: Made in the USA with imported fabric and 100% recyclable packaging
  • Soothing: moms have mentioned that the soothing colors are less distracted than traditional nursing covers. Some moms have made an analogy that the nursing cover patterns are like a mobile on top of the baby.

SPB: Your bibs are also unique - how did you come up with that design?
CG: We wanted to provide a stylish and multifunctional banana bib for babies

  • Poncho Baby Bandana Bib provides a stylish and absorbent solution for drooling babies.
  • The Bib is reversible and very absorbent (four layers super soft muslin fabric) and machine washable.
  • It can be used as a burp cloth
  • It grows with your baby with two adjustable snaps
  • Made in the USA with premium imported muslin cotton.

Big thanks to Carolina for taking the time to answer our questions.  Best wishes to her and Poncho Baby, Inc., as they continue to share amazing products for breastfeeding and baby!

What are your thoughts on wearing a poncho as a nursing cover? Do you look for products that are organic and/or multi-functional?
Please leave us a comment - it will be moderated and posted. 
Where to find Poncho Baby™ online

Contact Information

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