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What is ICAN?

Posted on April 19, 2016 at 9:48 AM

Did you know there is an international organization dedicated to cesarean advocacy? The International Cesarean Awareness Network, known as "ICAN", is dedicated to the prevention of unnecessary primary cesareans, recovery support, and advocacy for birthing families.  

Thanks to information sharing at ICAN meetings, families are aware of the evidence in regards to a trial of labor after a cesarean (TOLAC), vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC) births, and options in the event a family chooses a cesarean birth after a cesarean (CBAC).

Here is an interview I did last year with ICAN of Phoenix founder Stephanie Stanley.  Although she is no longer active with the group, it is due to her efforts that our area has an active chapter to begin with.  Learn more about ICAN and their mission in this brief video:

Want to learn more? Read more about ICAN in general and learn more about our local Phoenix group HERE.

I was thrilled to see ICAN mentioned in THIS blog post written by an OB/GYN that talked about the importance of true collaborative care and the demand for it from mothers who want an optimal maternity experience.  The fact that a younger hospital-based doctor has heard of ICAN and recognizes the collective power of informed consumers encourages me that there is hope for our maternal care system that is so clearly broken. I have never understood how we spend more on maternal health than any industrialized nation and rank so miserably far down below even third-world countries in our ability to keep mothers and babies alive after the birth experience.  

See the rankings for yourself HERE - they go from highest to lowest, and there are several countries...48 of them...that do a better job at keeping mothers alive after a birth, than we do.

If you have been wanting to come to a meeting and just haven't had the courage to get yourself to a meeting, please trust that you will not be sorry.  This group is one of the most supportive, empathetic places you can go to share your cesarean birth story and begin your journey to healing any emotional trauma you may have (or may not even realize you have, as mentioned in the cesarean birth story one of our readers shared last week).

If you are local to the Phoenix area, please join the group this month.  Meetings are almost always the fourth Wednesday of the month.  HERE is the information for the meeting - I hope to see you there!

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