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Q&A with SPB: Is a Vit C pill as good as food?

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 5:01 PM
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Q: Is taking a Vitamin C pill as good as eating food rich in Vitamin C?

A: If that is the best you can do, then do it. Optimally, your body is looking for "bioavailable" vitamins and minerals...

During pregnancy, we encourage our students to get a daily serving of Vitamin C and five servings of Vitamin A every week.  These two vitamins in particular help boost an immune system that is already operating at a deficit because your are pregnant.

As we enter the seasonal flux, we enter a season of dehydration and cold - a happy breeding grounds for those nasty winter germs!! Get ahead of those bugs this year by starting to protect yourself now. Some of the best defense against a chronic winter cold is rest, hand-washing, and healthy food choices. (Read more about winterizing your body HERE.)

To address today's question: If you can find a way to get more Vitamin C and Vitamin A foods into your diet, your body recognizes them as food. Food is more easily digested, and those nutrients get to your body and your baby as they need them. If you take vitamin and mineral supplements, remember that they are a tool to bridge the gap in our nutrition.  The body needs food, not pills, to operate at it's best.

Foods rich in Vitamin C:
Foods rich in Vitamin A:
If you are looking for fruits and vegetables, yellow and orange colored foods are a good choice!
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